Friday, February 9, 2007

bigger than me...bigger than her

dear bear,
did i tell u that i already entered that weight managing program in USM.
now, i go to USM everyday to jog or this is wat happened the first day i got there.

first, i got to timbang berat , and guess wat ? turun satu kilo...yyeaappiieeyyyykidiyyea..
suke sangat..yea la kan ,selame ni main sumbat je ape2 pon.tup2..turun jugak sekilo..praise to Allah for hemade all this happened and possible and i am just a humble hamba ( dah cari dah kamus camne nak spell servant ..tarak know me).
and on my way back to the jog track , i met a sis around 28 , 4 kids and still marry to a man which we all call husband. then, she stop and ask me to wait for her.So, i did..what do you expect? im a freshie..that moments later, we rush to the park and walk around the god dammid big golf field..
she is bigger that me and i really do not wish to be like her ..never and nauzubillah la kan..
she told me of how she became that big ( mind me for saying that but what can i do..maybe we just change big = b while fat = f ), till when she became b and f , and she evencually told me and few new people her weight which is hundred over and something with no shame at all , she is so friendly and warm that i am no longer awkward there or fell so bad `bout myself and my fat

the points is there..she may be bigger than me but her heart , courage , self confidence , and self esteem are way bigger than herself. and that is way kak mazlin, i look up to you and i salute you for making others glad `bout themself and put shame in my butt for feeling so bad `bout me self.
I LOVE MYSELF ( and love me more at the weght 60 kg )..hehehe..
bye bear..

aim/target:the greatest asian chef ever


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