Friday, May 16, 2014

hanis zalikha and me..we are sooo best friend! xoxo

Oh my God! Oh myyyy God!

Please do some drumroll-ing! please do some drumroll !!

The far reaching Nuffnang emailed me. It email me! mua! after sooo many years. What took you so long, Nuffnang oppa? tapi takpe..takpe.. 

Suddenly teringat how Hanis Zalikha dulu sangat kerap dengan Nuffnang2 bagai ni. Now that Nuffnang emailed me too, I feel so connected to you, girl! we are so like best friend eva! 

The only difference is that.. Hanis Zalikha pegi Indonesia, Paris dan seangkatan for issues about fashion, make up, travelling.. and mine is to.. Kilang Mamee di Melaka.. hemmm.. maybe I'm gonna need few more years (if not decades!) before I can even call Hanis Zalikha an acquaintance. Hahaha

shud I go, shud I not... shud..? malas la nak berkawan dengan lagi 60 bloggers (gosh!). I dont feel like berkawan or bersosial.. hak hak..



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