Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ever heard ppl said that when you get married and by the first child birth u'll be expending a.k.a be fat
Yesterday, i went to my sis-in-law punye sis punye wedding
all i can say that wat ppl say is false,b*****t,wrong,etc..
the process of adding and multiplying fat cell beneath bride skin deep start on the wedding day, not after give birth to the 1st child..
some bride-to-be may get panic and hysterical by now and pls,ladies..behave
i got reason for my assumption

can u imagine how many calories and fat there is in the pulut kuning?
during the sanding ceremony, there is renjis2 acara rite?
let say u got 15 sedara from ur side to merenjis and from his side,15 also
it`s like 30 ppl 'suap'ing pulut to ur no-fat-entry-for-few-months-until-wedding-day mouth!
u do the calculating.. :p

please wipe those tears and sweat and be ready for the next fact
the potong kek part
then..ur parter will suap the cake
imagine those rich and deep wif choc and tepung cake roller-costering to ur stomach..
kek is full of fat and im sure that ur trainer will scream to ur ass if he/she know u've been eating it
u might be thinking satu suap je but if the cameraman does not satisfied wif the pic, u will end up doing the same act..eating cake(over n over again)!!!

never cross my mind to freak brides-to-be but frankly, it has been a joyful pleasure to see the look in those faces after or before being touched by those luxurious make-ups and brushes..ciss

3 comments: said...

tuh tak kira lagi time pergi melawat sedara mara after kawen,ryte??
makaannn lagi...
g umh kwn2 groom tuh nnt..
makan lagi..
let's ban eating any sort of pulut, nasi especially nasi MINYAK, air sirap/bandung/oren/yg same waktu dgnnya dan yang sgt sweetttt..

and budget bride n groom pon tak la tggi sgt..bagi makan kuih 3 potong sorg ngan air kosong sjuk stiap sorg..cukup r kan..


aida cy said...,r u for real?
dont bother searching 4 me on ur wed day
i wont be there!!
kuih 3 putun je..
buang pitis ak dtg dr klate

haJar said...

kdekot syeh manal!
dear,klau nk kre psl calories,
ak rs xpe kot korban 1 hari (which is yr precious weddg day,mind u) to mkn whole lotta foods..grak ler byk2,burn those cals.bsides,b4 dat kn dh kontrol..esk2nye kontrol blk..
x larinye yr hubby klau gemok sket dr biase ;P

tp i did once hv a vision of serving super duper healthy food on weddg day..creepy gle,sape nk mkn?


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