Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bondaku nama Cikgu Siti

ak amat suka lagu M.Nasir ini..
dan ak amat malas dan x berpuitis tok berpuisi ttg bonda ak
but my feeling and love for her never been lesser that those who know
BAH!!~ what the heck am i merapu ni..
here u go MA

Mengapa kanta ini masih berkaca
Sedangku telah pun terima di dalam redha
Segala kepahitan
Pengalaman menjadi penawar
Mengejar impi ke pintu Syurga

Duhai bonda
Bilakah akan ku kecapi kasturi
Penebus maruah
Dan semangat lama

Mengapa sinar neon dan gedung indah
Kotaraya yang menjanjikan sejuta rasa
Sejuta haruman
Kini menjadi penjara jiwa
Ku yang merindukan ketenangan

Duhai bonda
Hari-hariku kini berlalu
Bagaikan bahtera
Tanpa layar dan kemudi

Akhirnya terbongkar jua rahsia
Tangisan dan gurindam
Keramat kasih sayangmu


Saat dan pertemuan semula
Kita kali ini
Akan ku abadikan
Keramat kasih sayangmu

Oh! bonda

thanks ma..mak ak ni hebat sgt..sgt2

Saturday, May 9, 2009


pernahkah anda rasa diri tidak sempurna?
inginkan hidung lebih mancung, bentuk badan lebih umph!,boyfriend yg hebat dan romantik,pointer yg 4 flat (mcm Zaim tu~rolling eyes*) dan macam2 lagi yg anda rase ada pada org lain tetapi tidak pernah cukup pada anda
(setuasi skrg, kalu kite teliti pepatah Inggeris, sometimes the grass is much greener,on the other side)

tapi Allah pernah janjikan
(serius ak tak igt surah apa tapi korang blh percayakan ak,ak sampai tingkatan 3 skolah agama la..)

Bersyukur dengan nikmat(rezeki) Allah dan Allah akan kurniakan dengan lebih banyak lagi
So, think abt the best parts in your life that im sure even how very unfortune u are to urself, the NIKMAH is plenty that it become uncountable-Alhamdulillah

TAPI! tapi!tapi!..

kalu saye bersyukur dengan berat badan skrg, adakah saya akan diKURNIAkan dengan lebih kilos?

History oR HER-story..

i got an announcement to make..
for those who follow~ that little and humble love story( rolling eyes*) of mine,..apperently, not many :p
xx bin is currently a history to me..

i never tot that im gonna have a love-history b4..
i DID it!!!
1 loud cheer for me!!

( for being ignored by a, u r one sick(pathetic) girl aida)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The JOurney OF thousand ROses :)

day 1

Alhamdulillah, with the blessing from Allah we, (me, Anis, Gra n Along) get our first bisness started.

we get up at 6.30 and by speed we arrive at the stall with all the products by 7.30.
And how i relief that we made plans for everything. i can say the preparation and the set up part was quite a success and smooth.

being in the bussiness, so far..i learn too much for a girl of an ordinary one and i'm greatful Allah for every each of it

And The List goess..

1) Great friendship and FRIENDS :

God, how i now realize that this kind of friends and roomate..they are too special and there is no one to replace their place in my part of life. There is one time that I have to 'take care' ( tak tau the word 'jaga' in English) the stall by myself ALONE!!..u cannot help to feel a bit embarress esp. ur crush and his gang walk pass by ur stall. But, less that 10 mins later, all my roomies (manal,jaja,hally) came and accompanied me fo countless( malas nak count, not because they are uncountable..hehe :p ) hours. MAN!! Thanks guys..i dah tak malu dah~~..True frends are hard to find, so ,onCe u got them..never let loose (seriusly..)

2)Fun and Mental is Fundamental :

i got lot of fun by only being at the stall. Povided that my friends are there too. All the laughters and talking. I think our stall is the most merry and loud one in HS CAFE..huhu..u cannot help it,u know..besides, today is like the 1st or second day of THE 3RD SEM,
new faces + old faces = chaos and laugh (grin)

being at stall can be defined as ( for today)= laughter + talking + friends + KACING!! (money :) )

many more to come lah friends but i have no time yet
next time i pour more abt the stall..
and mybe some pics too!!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Promises..promises..MY ass!!

Assalamualaikum guys.. :)
it has been a while rite?
OMG.. i dont know y i really in heavy bone (berat tulang) to update..
you know me..i always say yes on the spot to anything..

AidaSwEEtt: hye babe..

Miss M/H/Hally: hye..hey, ak baru update my blog..check it out la sometimes ..anyway..(wif somekind of look like you-owe -me-smthg-mister kind of look) bile ko nak update?

AidaSwEEtt: of course..nnti esok lusa ak update ( complete wif convincing smile)..later k?


2 dayS later..
1 month later..
countless months later..

AidaSwEEtt: hye babe..

Miss M/H/Hally: hye..hey, ak baru update my blog..check it out la sometimes ..anyway..(wif
somekind of look like you-owe -me-smthg-mister kind of look) bile ko nak update?

AidaSwEEtt: of course..nnti esok lusa ak update ( complete wif convincing smile)..later k?

so..MAnal,HAlly and HAjar and all others fans( wuuhuhuu~~), thanks all for the patience.. im really sorry i got not much anticipation in writing..mybe it's just ME that always having this rapid fluctuation in spirit( up and down ) or watever im in..

i always think that to write, you need to have somehing that huge to share and something atleast funny. Which happened to be not much happening in the real world or pop up in my humble mind. So i dont write. it excuses and all but THATS WAT HAPPENING!! not in fault for this ages-not-updating crime...
its the situation and the brain
totally innocent


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