Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The JOurney OF thousand ROses :)

day 1

Alhamdulillah, with the blessing from Allah we, (me, Anis, Gra n Along) get our first bisness started.

we get up at 6.30 and by speed we arrive at the stall with all the products by 7.30.
And how i relief that we made plans for everything. i can say the preparation and the set up part was quite a success and smooth.

being in the bussiness, so far..i learn too much for a girl of an ordinary one and i'm greatful Allah for every each of it

And The List goess..

1) Great friendship and FRIENDS :

God, how i now realize that this kind of friends and roomate..they are too special and there is no one to replace their place in my part of life. There is one time that I have to 'take care' ( tak tau the word 'jaga' in English) the stall by myself ALONE!!..u cannot help to feel a bit embarress esp. ur crush and his gang walk pass by ur stall. But, less that 10 mins later, all my roomies (manal,jaja,hally) came and accompanied me fo countless( malas nak count, not because they are uncountable..hehe :p ) hours. MAN!! Thanks guys..i dah tak malu dah~~..True frends are hard to find, so ,onCe u got them..never let loose (seriusly..)

2)Fun and Mental is Fundamental :

i got lot of fun by only being at the stall. Povided that my friends are there too. All the laughters and talking. I think our stall is the most merry and loud one in HS CAFE..huhu..u cannot help it,u know..besides, today is like the 1st or second day of THE 3RD SEM ..so,
new faces + old faces = chaos and laugh (grin)

being at stall can be defined as ( for today)= laughter + talking + friends + KACING!! (money :) )

many more to come lah friends but i have no time yet
next time i pour more abt the stall..
and mybe some pics too!!



haJar said...

it was fun being thr kan...

eventho i wasnt helping a bit pon...lol...

i gt shoutbox specially made 4 u since u asked 4 it...
sila rase free utk menype yer...wee~

ma.n.al said...

i,literally, can hear the sound of 'ka-ching! ka-ching!!' everytime ppl come and walk away with some of ur goodies..
it was a fun experience for me babe..thnx to u too ^_____^
and..esk2,ak dtg join lagi eh..
all da best in BUZY-ness (read: BUSINESS)...

moga rezeki korg dimurahkan lagi pd hari2 sterusnye!

aida cy said...

nnti ak sapa ko kat shoutout box jgn bt taktau plk..
wek..nk main game gak..


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