Saturday, February 26, 2011

A knight in a shining armor

It is a Monday morning and you are standing at the side of the road the quite road. It is 8.15 am and you are most probably will be late to work.

Few  vehicles come and go but none of them fulfill your requirement. None of these fancy, expensive and imported cars that catch your hearts. All of them are of no meaning unless with a taxi sign stuck at the very top of the car. Yup, you need a taxi. Desperately.

Car 1…………
Car 2…………
Another one …
Argh! For God sake, Please! Only one freaking taxi. Your heart cries*

As you begging God for a taxi, you spot that red vehicle with that familiar taxi sign on top, moving ahead towards your side of road. Your heart smiles. You, smile. You wave your hand up and down through the air. Making sure that the driver spots you. It works! The light signal on the right beaming and the taxi drove fast approaching you. Disturbing some resting pageants on the road. Making them fly away.

 Then, the taxi stop in front of you. You are glad because after all, it is already reaching 8.30 am. Right now with the desperation heavy in your heart and mind, everything seems so surreal.

The red Mercedes taxi look like the most strong and tall white horse. Most proud and pure. With its white tail and hair waving softly on its body and you'd began to wonder how such a blissful creature could exist in this almost forgotten village*, Pulai Chondong.

The load roaring sound of the engine that invades the quietness of the village is nothing more than the sound of that great white horse breathing. It draws attentions of some old folks at the street but that sound is nothing more than a music to your ears.

Everything is so extra ordinary!
You need to talk to your savior. The man that holding the sword*it is actually a cigarette* at the driver seat. Looking at you.Oh, so casually. From your eyes, this man is your knight in a shining armour suit. Your are my angel, may savior and everything in between. 

You open the door slightly and carefully. Afraid you might hurt the white horse and bring anger to the knight. After all, he is your hero.
You mean to speak first.
"Oh, gentleman. You are the most kind to stop your white horse for me to ride."
 But nothing comes out from your mouth.
So, he speak first.

" Nak pergi mano, mek?"

"Kota Bharu" You said and put your right feet into the cab, start to enter it*start climbing the horse*

"Ohh, maaf..maaf..Kota Bharu tak pergi..ingat nak pergi Kok Lanas je.."

You pull back your feet and feel very much annoyed. You slam the door hard*old taxi need to be slammed hard or else it will not close* and hope that the car DID fall apart. You  think back and decide that just now was the most ugly taxi driver and the taxi so ancient that can only survive few trips before joining the Junk Club.

You glanced at your watch.Sigh. Right now, you are most definitely late to work.

You walk weakly back to the sidewalk, waiting again for your next knight in a shining armour. Riding a white horse.

Finally, I rode the white horse!! 

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