Sunday, October 3, 2010

homesick is: Acutely longing for one's family or home

ok, BIG lie. The title tells it all.
I'm homesick. I AM.
these past 4,5 days till now aku homesick sangat.
Nothing comes out right, tannak belajar dan tannak buat keje.
I dont know if telling this feeling in my blog will wash it away if not for good, at least for a while

have you ever rasa there's big lump or something tersekat at your throat.
you feel like crying whenever you are alone, or even in the toilet.
What worse, you dont know the cause of it.

I dont know if this is homesick or what, but
I miss my mummy :((((((((((
nak balik now and I mean now.
I never felt so lucky before for not studying abroad than this moment

( I do have the curly hair, and I do carry the same sadness. What a picture!  )

for all the presentation,club works and endless test,
I really long for a long vacation, going back home
with my mom and dad right in front of my eyes.
a TV that's up to my timetable to watch a.k.a whenever i want.

I cant wait for this sem to end and i can start my practical in Kelantan.
Everyday at home for 6 MONTHS!!
The pay is not much, but for this one reason above, i even willing to pay them instead
Call me childish or homesick-er or whatever
 but I am a child.. If being a child means you get to see your parents every day
 I dont want to grow forever.
  wont swallow this even forced.

this is homesick medicine (for me)
take me home-y

p/s: J K Rowling is thinking on continuing Harry Pothead till volume 8,9,10 and so on..yeay!!


kak nur said...

besnyeee tido dgn ma...kekeke

fatihah said...

aku pom homesick jugakkk!


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