Friday, September 17, 2010

Inner Beauty, anyone?

This is Zahra.
Pretty, pretty Zahra
Zahra loves make-up
Zahra likes to eat anything but food
Zahra likes to EAT make up.

"Kak (zahra mom)! Zahra makan eyeshadow! " yells her pretty aunt name Aida

"Oh! never mind that. It's what we call INNER BEAUTY. It's inside~ " said the mom innocently and manage a *wink*

---> Anyone else up for inner beauty? You sure how to get one now >.<
Just make sure you dont choke any lipstick stick on you way there :p


Kay said...

kcik nk makan eyeshadow, blusher, maskara, gak laaa...

aida cy said...

wah! kasitau aida kalau it works.. sape tanknak jadik cantik :p

haJar said...

kalau makan krayon?
inner colorful?or nnt jadi artistic?


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