Sunday, June 20, 2010


Every semester end, reaching the semester break,
It's probably seems common that i should go for something like this:

"I hate this semester. dammit!!"


"this sem is a total bullshit"


" why people create exams? for pain?arghh!!"


" I hate you, Sir X!. Eat my short, Madam Y!"

or, even

"kill me!!!" closing eyes plus hitting chest (dum!!dum!!dum!!)

Last 2 days had been the end of my third semester, second year (yup, reaching third year, 2 years to go..yeay!!)

Guess wat? it does not feel as same as all the above. Yup, I did not curse. In fact, i DO really enjoy this sem. Mua love dis sem..hehehe.
This might as well be the reason

  1. Lesser subject means lesser exam papers which covers over 96% of my total 'whoa!!' for this sem.
  2. Lesser grumpy people, more lovable and close friends by my side. Manal and jaja, if u know what I mean..hehe
  3. Giha got periuk nasi, and we cook most of our humble, yet edible meal which consist mainly on roti telur, scrambled eggs and anything that are egg based. Wait! we still succeed the sushi( dont ask me about the taste. Edible, people!!) and penkek..yeah, it's in the blood (super brag). OMG dah berapa kurun aku nak post an entry about the super-duper-multi-purpose-and-rockafella periuk nasi but still got no idea time!! damn!!
  4. Selalu spend time with the kids ( my nephews) . Besides, abang ngah bought new sofa and placed it at the most front of TV set. Im in heaaaveeennn~ (aaa~).
  5. My sister got enganged and getting married. Next, comes mamma's turn baby!! uu~uuh (gatai tak beragak but still menari super sayya)
  6. More in relax mode. I dont know how but im cooler this sem.muahahaha.
  7. Pegi kelas dengan kereta. Thanks Meha *wink wink*
  8. Dapat manja2 dengan budak cute dari fakulti engineering..owwyeaah..
  9. Got the chance to bake my own lemon kukis and choc chip kukis (thanks kak sya for the chance,recipe,dapur and encouragement)
  10. Jualan baju dan kukis paling laris dis sem la kot..ow, money..ow,honey..come to mommy.lala~~ uuuh'uuh~
  11. We end the sem with the most superb xtvt, picknik to Banana River with awesome plus superb friends..lala.. buat water roller coaster lagi you!! janagn mara~
p/s: note dat this post has been made before the exam result comes out. If the grade is good, then the mood stays. If the other way round, I should still go like this

"kill me!!".closing eyes plus hitting chest (dum!!dum!!dum!!).Still.

rite now, i really would like to keep this happy feeling( yup,the good grades too!)
bye, ^.^

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