Monday, June 7, 2010

of King Tortoise and the Killer Joke

Once, there was a kingdom with a tortoise as a king.

The king tortoise was damn cruel that he would kill those who ever failed his requests or demands or commands or whatsoever that came from him.

Anyway, one day the king tortoise got really bored of his usual life. He really craved for joke and a good laugh. He goes

“I’m bored and I want joke. Any animals that succeed to make me laugh, will be rewarded. Greatly. Those who fails, can say good bye to the world. Slaughtered, as usual. But remember, if none of you succeed, then i would gladly just kill all of you”

And so, a meeting was held among the remaining animals on who should they appoint to present in front of the king tortoise. Finally, after some wise discussions and trading ideas, they came out with few names.

The day came and the first contestant, monkey stood on the stage, in front of king tortoise. He told the greatest joke he ever had, about The Giant and The Ant. His funny nature and gesture really tickle the audience’s till the bones and they laugh real hard and loud. What missing was the king’s. He did not laugh and so, died the monkey.

After witnessing the luck of the poor monkey,next climbed the elephant to the stage with a great horror. With no other courage left, he started his amusing and funny story about Hassan, the Wise Beggar. The elephant even used body languages but the king tortoise still did not laugh. Scared, the other animals did not laugh too. And down went the elephant.

This is our last chance, other animals said. Bring on the tiger.
The tiger was known for his sarcastic joke and he never failed before. Determined not to repeat the same ending as monkey and elephant, he sure used all his creativity to tackle the hard to please king. The king must laugh. If not hard, should still be enough to keep him alive, he said.

With a spirit as high as a mountain peak, he opened his mouth to start his story. But, just before any sound came out, the king laughed really hard until he was about to roll on his own shell! His hands and feet even gasping in the air, controlling the body from fall. It was a loud and great laugh that other animals decided to laugh too.

Relieved, humiliated but puzzled (as he hasn’t start his story yet), the tiger carefully asked the king tortoise

“O my great king? Why are you laughing? I haven’t started my story yet”.
Hearing the question, king tortoise stop his watery laugh. Still wiping his tears, he replied

“Oh.ah..The monkey’s story just now was so funny!”

And so, till now those who are slow to digest anything (as even to understand this joke) are called ‘tortoise’

p/s: i got this joke from my aunt, so this is not original. But who cares! i just need to share!!

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Raihana Azhari said...

hehehe. is is because dye tortoise sume pon jd lmbt kah?? =P
btw, kesian monkey and all yg lain. sebab mati sia sia je....


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