Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the introduction to the Fashion Frost

Salam you guys..

I have an announcement to make

I just had a baby boy!!!

tak lah, melawak je..actually, for real..

(drum roll please..dum..dum.dum..dum.dum..)

my ONLINE LITTLE SHOP is newly launched!!!

about few minutes ago..hehe

just feel free to step in and explore..

unfortunately, no new products being posted yet *kuang-kuang-kuang~* (T_T')

I will post it as soon as possible and work my ass self hard !!

wish me luck and please buy some stuffs, enjoy yourself ;p

1 comment:

Raihana Azhari said...

aida. apekah yang ada? sila update cepat. blog online kamu tu. saya kemaruk mahu shopping. huuu~


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