Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Beginning

Squeeze!! such big butts with such small seat :p

on jun 10, there landed my five friends from KL to my hometown..

not all of them are alien to Kota Bharu.Shu,Manal n Gee hardly came here i suppose but Myra n Aina got relatives here.

And the next day,as a very loyal friend I ask them where they are and what`s the plan?
where to go? what to do and all that. I know I sound fussy but that what I`ve been doin` my whole life and im totally happy wif myself.whatever.Ok,they said they wanna go to Rantau Panjang.Wat?!
I felf so left behind!! how could they..they didn`t inform..I am,Aida the great and yet they choose to not inform me..
so, took the alternative way and went to Pasir Mas where they suppose to meet Yasmin and Tasnim.
Cost me about 9 bucks but does not matter as long as I`m part of the plan.
and despite my hardship going there rushing, we end up not going to Rantau Panjang or beach or anywhere. we just hung up there until at night , we had dinner at Fresh .Finally,somewhere fresh and new and I had the best kue tiaw lakna in my whole life till now ( wont compare wif my mom`s cooking coz she defenatelly wont cook kue tiaw lakna).Then, we went to a place where my friend normally spend her time chitchatting while smoking ShiSha ( i hope this is how they spell it,it sound that way anyway..).I felt nothing at 1st until Gee said 'the way they set the place to smoke shisha makes it seems like an illegal thing to a 'rumah urut'.I quite argee wif that actually. I guess it bcoz how they present the things to the costumers.It`s situated at the side of the kiosk ,dim. and quite 'tersembunyi'. plus the fence all over it.It`s not long until we become sleepy and got our butts outta dat place . nice thing I dont try it,none of us did, but the strawberry smell did..wat we call that..'melekat' to my t shirt. Although we had quite a good nite out n dinner, we actually felt sad and regret as the day passed by with us doing nothing as wat we planned.Aina said we should not make plan because it`s a failing plan and vacation should be about suprises .for tis point of view, i still remember being in my form 3 class where I read a saying on the top of the front ceiling said' if u fail to plan, u plan to fail' .Wat do u say,pal?

Them on the plane.dont ask `bout`s a long story..

in front of the most gorgeous bungalow.Love it!!

Girls nite out!! plus two hilarious body gourds

nise shot + nice pose + great background = awesome pic

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