Thursday, April 16, 2009


one of my friend got the whole 10 series of the F..R.I.E.N.D.S !!
you got no idea how much i crave for this sitcom series
they r funny and most of all they are sinically funny
The most fav one is the ross-rachel part
basically, Ross had crush on Rachel since 5th grade but there are so many things came by and make it hard for them to act be together.There;s chances, jealousy,misunderstood and romance all in on, blended with an A-level of craziness and joke. However, let's not all forget about the passionate and kisses ( couldnt help to read it as 'lol' rather then 'laugh out loud'). Lets cross fingers dat God forgive us for all we seen in the movie( intentionaly).

and lets not forget our..
how can i put it nicely?...emm..stupid?
yeah..stupid( due to limited vocab ability..just b satisfied wif this,ok.) stars
man..their stupidities are beyond your wildest dreams
it's like..wat?how?no way!!? hahaha!!

not much to say about Mon and Chander
but they make it such cute couple together..
and ow..boy how thin Chandler was in season 3
this was the time he got into drinking prob in real life this Chandlerboy

I always find their life soo.. happy,great and fun...
How great dat we r open with one another dat u can always come to my place n u even got the second keys to my house..suppose for emergencies but who cares..
but come to think about it.. nah..i dont really wanna..
male friend come by my house n see me after bath in towel..
and the act of views my boobs is not such a fun game after all i guess..

and thanks to my bro..who ruined all the keys to happiness and laughter in comedies.

" its just about one person talking,the other reply(bla..bla..bla..) then hahaha(audience laughfing). Its like a formula of something"

Damn..even That's so Raven wasn't funny anymore

lucky i still got the Simpsons..

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