Tuesday, August 23, 2011

not really an entri but better than none

Ada satu ketika dalam hidup aku, aku gila update entri untuk blog. Believe it or not aku boleh buat 3 entries dalam satu hari. Macam waktu makan la pulak. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those time, aku tak percaya aku akan sangat malas untuk post entri.

4 months later................

Aku sangat malas update. I even hate to type..I dont even make posts about my graduation from intership, puasa, Hari Raya or driving license.

Did i said driving license? and how i beg the JPJ officer..shamelessly?

hah! next entry would be on my pursuit to driving license..


Anonymous said...

ermmmm i was expecting better than this. always drop by here, but pi mai pi mai tang tu je on top.

^dianakhairi^ said...

assalam.hey u.ure just behind me at this moment.haha.update2!!study subject business study jugak, update la blog plop!!haha.


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