Tuesday, January 2, 2007


this is the third time im creating a blog...
hehehehe..what to do..almost everytime i manage to creat one, i tend to forget the password or evenworst,the username..i dont know where are the other half brain of mine gone and leaves me patheticly forgetfull ( i even forget how to spell 'forgetful' whether it comes with single or double L).this is not the first time i got into this trouble.i always forget things .have you ever been in this situation where you went to a place and when you reach there you end up forgetting why the f**cking hell are you doing there? .it happens to me everytime!!
i keep losing and forgetting important things in my life..god,would i ever meet mr.remembering?
but thinking back `bout those who are alzhimer(whatever its spell) or facing brain damage , i realize how lucky i am..at least i still have a fine half brain that help in my good-for-nothing history subject..life is not that bad,huh?!

aim/target: asian`s greatest ever chef

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