Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i hate doc!!

that`s it
after all of the perasan thing,i admit that i am obes
tall=160 points something
today we went to the obes unit in USM where there`s a prog for those like me
i do not bother any crap happened in there ...until it comes to the doctor
dr.shah something
he said that bla..bla..bla..change way of thinking and life style..bla..bla..
ok .fine.i accept it..InsyaAllah i will gain all my strengh to make my own dream success altought i dont talk about i much..frankly speaking..i hate to talk about the topic.
but that doesnt mean that i do not want to be slim..
i just do not talk about it..
ok..the methaphore is like many times you talk about the enemy u hate the most in your entire life but stuck to you since forever like a twin?
ok...sorry2..back to the doc thing

he said : sekrg ni cuti , buat aper?

me said : tak de paper.Dulu ade gak keje sekejap

he said ; emm..buat2 la keje rumah ke..sapu2 sampah ke..tolong2 mak.tak leh duduk saje je..(pandangan sinis cam aku ni pemalas dunia nak buat keje umah sampai jadi gemok cam badak)

i said in my heart with a loud enco : lahabau nyer doktor!!ko ingat aku gemok aku tak buat keje umah ke? gebok ni sume pemalas ke?ewah2 wesss..wei!!aku buat la keje umah tu..tak payah ko kasi tau..ade die kate aku malas buat keje umah..kalau die suroh jogging tak pe suruh tolong mak buat keje ruma?..what the hell??!!hey..even sahor family i pon i yg buatkan ...thank u..buat2 keje rumah konon...blah la lu)senyum biase je..

and let me make this clear..the kata nama is he
mak..aku marah bangat!! n malu..:p
make things worse,when he accually ask me to pull my tudung up..means pull the tudung aside without showing your hair
and i did the opposite..i pull the back tudung up and there goes my stupid , idiot,ugly ,monster-like hair..MALUUU..
save me from total shame made by myself!!!

aim/target: asian greatest chef

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