Tuesday, January 2, 2007

wrong me!!

i used to be clumsy all the time
ruin everything in near me accidently
i also got two sisters that care most about me and my life
they all know i always broke things,made wrong action for wrong command,lousy and careless
to be honest, i`ve broke my brother`s mp3 and lost my sister`s camera
but the thing is i try so hard to change my self..fixing me
i guess they never saw it or they just pretent that i does not improve myself in being more less careless
it is today that my sister ask me to push the wire to the pipe.i agreed to help.then,just before i touch the wire she said three times ' oo..becarefull..dont break the wire..oo..no..you cannot to that,it`s gonna break the thing'.then i gave up and walk away..
there is more..everytime i am about to go out or went somewhere else , or she`s going to home to her house she would say ' stay away from trouble ' with a huge laugh..
you might laughing,sis..but i hate it
seriously hate it.. anyway,who wants to be in trouble
the sentence would make me keep thinking that i might do some mistake if i involve in anything
it`s crushing my confidence
im scared ro participate in any programme that i might make something stupid accidently and ruining everything for everyone...
i became a negative person
cant they just see that i tried so hard to pull my self from making mistake?
that is so hard , u know..
it`s like walking on a bridge where you have to be very carefull or u might fall and finally..a dead body
i guess i do lot of improvement..i dont often broke or lost thing
but we are human too..we are created to make mistake
everytime i made mistake..all the good things i`ve done before like vanish in the air
they just gone..as if i never do things correctly before
'oh,it just the old adik'
hell,no!!! i try my best to be new
but even a newborn made misakes..
they just dont get it..
they are blinded by the fact that i am the youngest..i knew less about life
well think again...

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