Saturday, November 14, 2009

Merely egoistic

A friend of mine told me direct into my face

"You always want people to hear you but you never wanted to listen"

This statement comes out from her precious mouth because as she told me to stop swearing and many else, I laughed and made faces. I'm not mad and far from thinking that she's being ridiculous.

However, I have something to say on the behalf of myself and many others that are alike.

Please don't think that I am such a close minded that I cannot accept critics and comments. I value those much more than I did in accepting praises (which rarely happens: D). I admit that some of the things you said are total truth and I do need to change. But it is still awkward to just say yes on whatever people said about your bad habit or something like this:

"You are right. I am going to change. What I did was bad" or something like that aloud. Deep inside me agree with you and God knows how my brain work hard on figuring just how I'm gonna change the ugly me. And succeed.

I need my time to absorb and make changes. Stop judging me. Everybody got their own opinion and ways of handling critics and comments. Just don't. Call me an egoistic or whatsoever. Give me some time to change and when i do it my way, please don't do "thank God" attitude. It kills even for a clown.

I love our friendship but this particular thing keeps bothering me. I should have just said it to you. I mean, I'm sure you can handle this matter as well as how you handle other things come by.

But I am a coward ass. God bless us both.

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