Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"you guys.."


" wat is the definition of breast?"

disguised. " eww..aida!.."

" no, really..i just wanna know ur understanding level of 'that thing'. come onnn~"

" ok...jap aku pinjam kamus Jaja"

" no need lah. just say"

" i dont know..ok..boobs?" innocent.

" wat? eww.. gross..pervert"

" ok, fine. ko punya definition ape?"

Pandang syiling

" em.. 'duo coloured pointed flesh at the chest of a woman. Varies in size'" satisfied.

" grossier!! "

" tak..tak..i think that is the best la..wonder y the 'kamus' doesnt use this definiton. Maybe i should buat my own dictionary."


"DONT!!" all together.

" dont worry, it will be full illustrated kamus. coloured. suitable for kids"

" couldnt be more worrier." Sigh. " and dont come near my kids!!"

"our kids!!!, PERVERT!!!"

I'm just saying the truth. agree?

can only provide you all with herb grilled chicken breast. or else, this is a 18+ years-old-rated type of entry.

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