Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter for Jamie

Kehadapan Jamie,
to the front, Jamie
Dear Jamie,
I have always been a fan of you ( though my bro hates you coz he said you split alot in food while cooking and talking), i still love you.

Being a Malaysian, what more from a village(kampung?!), i hardly bake any cookies.Unlike you guys where baking cookies is so common and mommy-ly. We, at least me, dont.

Last two weeks, i found your web and eagerly search for easy recipes. And yes, i did found one.

Thank you ow, thank you Jamie for sharing such lovely recipe of this cookies that even dummies and clumsy person like me could handle with little destruction pride ;p.

Lovely Jamie, i present...

Lemon Butter Biscuit Made By Gorjes

The star~ the star~

A touch of ART
The destructed yet, edible one

Thus, Jamie honey, dont get me wrong. We also got plenty to bake and cook.
Introducing, the famous and classic

tepung pelita ( candle?! flour)

ketayap ( no english term. to-tayap,maybe)

puteri mandi ( showering princess, a lil' pervert thought)

seri muka (face glowing)

lompat tikam ( stab jump,read like 'step up')

Cool, no? bet you dont know any of these. Haa!!
Ok, im drooling while writing..u must be one hell of a chef
hope to meet you before you die!!

hugs and kissses from kitchen lover,
( Gorjes)                     

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